Tooth Brushing Tips and Tricks


Brushing your dog or cat’s teeth isn’t always the easiest task. Here are some suggestions that can help to make it easier on everyone:

-Introduce tooth brushing when you first adopt your puppy or kitten.

-Start with rubbing the outside of the pet’s mouth with your hands multiple times a day.

-Next, keeping the mouth held shut with one hand, use the other hand to slide your finger under your pet’s lips and rub the outer surface of the teeth. Do this multiple times a day.

-You can then start introducing pet-specific toothpaste onto your finger while rubbing the teeth.

-After some practice, you can try introducing a toothbrush (soft-bristled, child size or finger brush) with toothpaste.

-If your pet chews the brush or your finger with paste on it, try brushing with just a wet toothbrush, then letting your pet lick the toothpaste off your finger for an after-brushing treat.

-Make sure you brush your pet’s teeth when they are calm and quiet – not during their play time.

-Make it a routine – brush their teeth right after yours!

-Reward them with positive energy, love, and even a small treat after brushing to ensure they’ll come back for more.

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