Trupanion Pet Medical Insurance: 2017 Overview

pet health insurance imagesAt the start of 2017, we made a promise: to encourage our clients — as hard as we can! — to get health insurance for their pets, and to offer some guidance to the different plans that will be the best fit. Pets and owners definitely benefit from having medical insurance, as it means that life-saving and/or quality of life medical decisions can be made without the extra burden of worrying about the significant cost of care.

Dr. Hart has provided this quick synopsis of Trupanion Pet Medical Insurance, one of the plans we recommend regularly.

Trupanion doesn’t cover wellness, also known as preventive care, but does have an option once there is an established condition, to pay the hospital directly through Trupanion Express so you the pet owner do not need to front the money. With major surgeries, chronic conditions, etc. this can be a big plus for your cash flow.

Otherwise, Trupanion is fairly similar to other plans in that it pays 90% of actual invoice and doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. The deductibles, if chosen, are per illness not per year. There is no limit to coverage per illness once approved.

As with all the plans, we urge you to start these policies right at the start of puppy and kittenhood so that no illness or accident can be considered pre-existing. Our front desk will give you the certificate for the first free month which can be used with any pet without pre-existing conditions, not just for puppies and kittens.

If you would like more information regarding Trupanion Pet Medical insurance, the number is 855-591-3103 and the website is


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