Zylkene: New Anxiety Supplement for Dogs

By Lauren Haney, LVT
Southport Vet Center has started carrying a great new anxiety supplement called Zylkene. Having two anxious dogs of my own, I was the guinea pig. I was very impressed with the results. My dog, Chile, like most dogs, hates fireworks and thunder. Because Zylkene has a very wide dose range, I was able to double dose Chile and not be worried. It’s a nutraceutical (a supplement like a vitamin) and not a pharmaceutical (a chemical) with no negative side effects or contraindications. Chile got a total of 4 Zylkene tablets on the fourth of July –two in the morning and two at night — her normal dose is 1 capsule. If you can remember — we also had thunderstorms on the fourth so the poor girl got hit with a double whammy of fireworks and thunder!  Hence the increase in the amount I gave her. For both booming things, Chile usually runs for the nearest bathtub or under a bed. With the Zylkene, she tolerated the thunder enough to go for a walk. She was still very aware that there was thunder and didn’t like it, but she walked with me without pulling back to the house and her tail wasn’t plastered between her legs. She had a positive reaction to the fireworks as well — she still knew they were going on and definitely
didn’t like them still but wasn’t panicking. Much better from last year when she practically chewed through a door. Having the lower amount of anxiety allows me to modify her behavior and train her to be ok with these loud noises.
Remember that all anxiety medications are not intended to solve the problem completely, but to help remove the anxiety so the owner can modify the dogs behavior and train them to not be so anxious. Getting a trainer to work with you and your dog once the anxiety has lessened is also a good idea.
Lauren is Southport Vet Center’s head Veterinary Technician. She attended Quinnipiac University and received her B.A. in Biology with a degree in Veterinary Technology. Lauren is a licensed veterinary technician and is proficient in all aspects of her job. Passionate about animals, Lauren has attended various continuing ed. seminars to increase her knowledge within the field of veterinary medine. Most recently, she traveled to Colorado to obtain certification in canine medical massage. She now practicesDOG, CHILI, ANIMAL, LAUREN, SOUTHPORT medical massage on dogs with arthritis and mild joint and spinal diseases.

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