Soothing a Nervous Puppy: Whistle While you Worry

Jody Rosengarten

By conveying calm confidence you set the tone for shy or fearful Pavlov the Puppy to respond in kind. If you catch yourself tensing, sing. No kidding, sing. A different part of the brain is engaged when we sing — masking anxiety the spoken voice conveys. I suspect the happy hormones singing releases have a lot to do with it, too. Did you know that people with severe stutters sing stammer-free? It’s true. I’ve been telling clients this for years as many rolled their eyes thinking, I suspect, that was just me being all woo-woo. That’s until the movie The King’s Speech came out in 2010 and made an honest woman out of me. Since learning this, when working with a biting dog or if trimming my parrots’ nails, I break into show tunes. This technique is not recommended on a job interview or blind date. P.S. Not being a whistler, I can’t say whether whistling garners similar results. Still, if you’re game, why not put your lips together and blow? 

—  Jody Rosengarten

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