Pet Health Insurance for 2017: ASPCA Plan Overview

Pet Health Insurance: Exploring Your Options in 2017

Our new year’s resolution at Southport Vet Center is to encourage and help our clients sign on for pet health insurance as we strongly believe you and your pets will benefit from having insurance in place — see Dr. Hart’s recent blog and facebook post.

We are following up with an overview of plans we recommend and some of the highlights of their offerings. Our Head Technician Renee just attended a seminar about the ASPCA plan and wrote up this overview. Thank you Renee! (Stay on the look-out for other insurance updates from us soon.)

ASPCA Insurance Plan Pet Insurance is a hot topic for 2017. The ASPCA recently updated their policy and gave our staff all the information you’ll need to know to help decide if this plan best fits your pet healthcare needs. One of the best aspects of the new ASPCA plan is the once yearly deductible, whereas other plans have a per incident deductible. When picking coverage through the ASPCA you can design a plan with a deductible, yearly coverage amount and reimbursement percentage and even wellness coverage that fits the needs of your pet.

Even though buying a small policy will help, getting a good middle of the road policy with enough of a yearly coverage amount that will cover any unforeseen events is always better, like the old saying “It’s better to be safe, than sorry”. This insurance offers a free 30-day trial, like most of the other pet insurance plans, and makes signing up online or over the phone very easy.

Pre–existing conditions are always a big deal with both human and pet medical insurance; this insurance like all others will not cover a pre-existing condition; but if that condition is deemed clear by your veterinarian for 6 months it will no longer be considered pre-existing and will then be covered if anything happens! The ASPCA plan also covers exam fees and alternative therapies like cold laser therapy, acupuncture and some prescription foods as well.

The point that’s near and dear to us as veterinary professionals is that between $1-3 million a year is donated back to the ASPCA and their efforts to help animals that don’t have pet parents as great as you!

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