Pet Health Insurance 2017: Overview of Pet’s Best

Note: Our technician Kerri just took part in a webinar to research and write this blog… Thank you to Kerri for providing such great, detailed information to help guide our clients to the right health insurance choice for their pets.

Here’s another plan to throw in the “insurance mix.” We had a webinar with Amy from Pet’s Best explaining their new insurance plans. Let’s get a little background first… Pet’s Best Insurance was founded in 2005 by the same veterinarian that founded the first veterinary insurance company, VPI. Pet’s Best was founded with the goal to decrease economic euthanasia — meaning, euthanizing just because you don’t have the money to pay for your pet’s medical care. With Pet’s Best, you can get a fast and easy quote based upon your pet. Reimbursements are given within 5 business days of your appointment and you can be reimbursed up to 90%.

So, there are 3 plans to choose from: 1) Accidents and Illnesses  2) Accidents Only   3) Optional Wellness Plan

Let’s talk about the most popular plan, Plan #1. Accidents and Illnesses… On this plan, you can choose your annual coverage: $5,000; $10,000 or unlimited. Then you choose your reimbursement % ranging from 70%-90%. Then you choose your annual deductible which can range from $50-$1,000. Once you choose your numbers, Pet’s Best will put it in their magical calculator and find a monthly fee for you.

So, what exactly is covered? Well, as the plan says, accidents are covered — if your dog gets hit by a car or if your kitten, JoJo, gets her leg stuck in the recliner and breaks her leg trying to get it out! Your x-rays for poor JoJo will be covered along with any blood work, medications, surgery or hospitalization. On top of that, acupuncture, laser therapy and chiropractics are covered! So JoJo will be on the mend!

What’s not covered exactly? Not covered are: pre-existing conditions, prescription diets, non-vet expenses, preventive and elective procedures and experimental therapies/treatments. If your pet is cleared of a “condition” for 18 months, then it is not deemed pre-existing. Confusing right? Well, let me explain: Let’s say your dog has a urinary tract infection. Your urinalysis and medications are covered by your plan and let’s say he/she gets better. Fast forward to 19 months from that original visit and your dog has a urinary tract infection again. Well, it’s COVERED! You surpassed the 18 month mark, so it will be deemed as a new issue. Make sense?

Ok, so Plan 2 is pretty self-explanatory after reading about Plan 1. Accidents only — so broken legs, hit by cars etc. are what’s covered. This plan involves a $250 yearly deductible with 90% coverage and covers up to $10,000 a year. Do the math, this equates to paying $9/month for a dog and $6/month for a cat to be on this plan. So JoJo’s mom, Amy, our webinar leader, signed her up immediately after the “recliner incident.” Lesson learned!

Now, Plan 3: Optional wellness. Ok, so there’s two sub-plans to choose from: Essential Wellness and Best Wellness. Essential wellness includes $305 in annual benefits which works out to be $16/month and Best Wellness is $26/month and has $535 in annual benefits. So these plans go towards your wellness exams, vaccines, dental cleaning, microchips and routine diagnostics.

Wow, that’s a TON of information! Probably sounds a lot like the blog before regarding ASPCA insurance. So what sets Pet’s Best apart from other insurance companies? Amy says customer service is the #1 thing they pride themselves on. Their customer satisfaction numbers are always high. They also have comparatively lower monthly payments with similar coverage to other pet insurance companies.

All sounds great, so how do you sign up? Visit our website and click on the link for Pet’s Best. You will receive a 5% discount for one pet and 10% for multiple pets! Another way to enroll is to ask our front desk staff for certificates at your next office visit. If you sign up within 24 hours of your visit, your waiting period (normally 3-4 days) gets waived so coverage starts immediately. BUT THERE’S MORE — you also get a 10% discount!! Woo-hoo!!! If you’re thinking about pet insurance in general, ask our front desk staff for brochures!!!

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