Fall Temperatures Bring Out the Ticks: Don’t Drop Your Guard on Tick Prevention

I hope you all had a great summer — it seems like it’s going on and on! But as soon as the temps routinely drop into the 50s and 60s the ticks start mobilizing their little ugly selves so make sure you don’t drop your guard on tick prevention.

Ticks don’t like the heat, they like it NOW! So far so good with flea season, not too many infestations seen on our front, but until the killing frost and the resurgence of low humidity, be especially careful of where your pet visits as fleas live in environments. They only use your pet as a food source.

We are very pleased with our new oral flea and tick preventions and have had no reported side effects, but just in case you happened to run into some negative, unvalidated press about Bravecto, as one our great clients did… here’s what we know when we called the company for their response (we’ve posted their letter on our web site, and here’s the link) http://www.southportveterinarycenter.com/bravecto-safety-communication/

We stand by Bravecto and are using it with our own animals without concern, but if you have any questions or comments we are here as your resource. As always we will keep you posted!

For our general guidelines on flea, tick and heartworm prevention, click on this link from our web site: http://www.southportveterinarycenter.com/flea-tick-heartworm-guidelines-southport-vet-2015/

Have a Treemendous Autumn (leaf peeper pun!) — Dr. Patricia Hart

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